Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K Android 10 LED TV Review

Wall mounted Skyworth 70SUD6600 Android TV
Actual and Raw Image of Wall Mounted Skyworth 70SUD6600 Android TV

The Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K Android LED TV is one the best-looking TV I've seen, perfect to showcase the capabilities of Android OS. It's giant screen that delivers a cinematic experience is close to perfection. Also, the Skyworth 70SUD6600 quite reasonably priced for a big size Android TV.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 is powered by 1.3GHz A55 quadcore processor and Mali G52 GPU running on top of Android 10 operating system. It also equipped with 2GB RAM and 8GB Internal Memory, enough to smoothly deliver live video streaming. Featuring, 4K UHD super resolution, Pure HDR, AV1, Dolby Audio and DTS Studio Sound with AI self-adaption and smart recognition, contrast enhancement and dynamic remodel.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K UHD LED TV Special Features

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Cinematic Experience

Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K UHD TV. Giant Screen, Cinematic Experience! Skyworth 408 TV Festival 2021 "Big Size, Big Deals!"

4K Ultra High Definition

Skyworth 4K UHD televisions reproduce in stunning details all shades of light, natural colors for a truly immersive viewing experience via 3,840 x 2,160 pixels which is 4x the number of pixels on Full HD TVs.

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AIPQ Engine is SKYWORTH's latest generation cloud-based AI picture quality technology that continuously updates and enhances the TV's movie and action sports viewing experience.

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AIPQ Engine is promoting the following features; AI Self-Adaption, Contrast Enhancement, Dynamic Remodel, and Super Resolution.

AI Self-Adaption

AI Self-Adaption is a smart recognition of complexion adjustment, making good-looking characters more beautiful. This is also known as filters or beautify.

Contrast Enhancement

This feature will adjust images in 2,304 subareas to enhance contrast, improving image quality and layering.

Dynamic Remodel

It apply AI algorithm to remove image noise making more pure and delicate contents.

Super Resolution

This feature will upgrade the image quality into more realistic and clearer version.

Pure HDR

4K pure HDR restore the truest colors. A Skyworth self-developed HDR technology, the video image is rendered to be more life-like. With wider contrast consisting of deeper black level, and enhanced color highlights.


The latest decoding system which is 30% better than H.265 decoder.

Dolby Audio & DTS Studio Sound

With Dolby Audio and DTS Studio Sound, Skyworth 70SUD6600 Android TV can set the sound free from the multichannel. This will bring you a feel of surround sound like in the movie theater at home.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Narrow Bezel

Actual Image of Skyworth 70SUD6600 Narrow Bezel
Actual Image of Skyworth 70SUD6600 Narrow Bezel
The design of Skyworth 70 inch 70SUD6600 is known as "narrow bezel" meaning more than 98% of it's screen to body ratio is dedicated to serve as display or the lighted portion. 

It uses VA panel also known as Vertical Alignment with screen size measuring 70-inch and a UHD display 3840 x 2160p or 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) in layman's term. Since it comes with VA Panel, the Skyworth 70SUD6600 still giving 176 degree viewing angle little less compare with IPS panel but even a trained could not see there differences.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Available Ports

70SUD6600 Available Ports
The 70SUD6600 available inputs and ports are as follows, 2 USB 2.0 port, 1 digital audio out port, 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, a RJ45 input for your network, Antenna for local channel / cable, and a headphone jack. With it's complete set of ports, it provides all my need. Besides, it also have a Bluetooth 5.0 which is capable of incoming and out going connection. Plus a Wi-Fi connectivity which allows me to get an internet access wirelessly, which is in my opinion the most important features.

With rich terminal Interface will make TV to be connected to various external devices such as Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth gamepads, Bluetooth Speakers or Sound Bars to enjoy games, movies and sound with families and friends.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Backlight Assembly

This is a example of direct backlight, which is install directly to Android TV back cover. Backlight main function is to produce light behind the TFT. Usually, back-light is made of Light Emitting Diode or LED, this is why it called LED TV.  Defective back-light usually resulting to uneven display or no display. Please refer to the above image for your reference.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Manual Button

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Manual Button and Light Indicator
Above is the actual image of Skyworth 70SUD6600 power button and light indicator, it also serve as mini joysticks to access the basic function of your 70 inch Android TV. To maximize you Android TV experience, you still need the original Skyworth Android remote.

12 Watts Down Firing Speaker System

This is the actual image of 12 watts down firing speaker system install in Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K Android 10 LED TV that produce crisp and real life sound. Please refer to the image above for your reference. 

Light Indicator tells you TV Defect

There are three common defect that you can tell just by observing your Android TV light indicator behaviors. This includes as the defective mainboard and defective power supply.

Defective Mainboard or Motherboard
It is a defective mainboard or motherboard when the light indicator behave as follows, red only and not turning on, auto green light when plugin to a power source or green only no red standby and no display, or blinking light indicator red green red green blink. 

Defective Power Supply
It is a defective power supply when the light indicator behave as follow. There is no red light or green light when you plug the Android TV into power supply.

Skyworth 70SUD6600 Android Remote

Above is the actual image of original Skyworth Android remote which is included inside the box of Skyworth 70SUD6600 Android TV. In case of remote being lost, no worry it is available online, but be careful buying, there is a kind of remote they called universal remote which is not really compatible your giant TV. 

So if you want to get an authentic Skyworth Android remote then here is the link:  shp-ee/skyworth-androidtv-remote sold by JC Electronics Collection.

How to Connect and Pair Bluetooth Remote to Skyworth 70SUD6600?

Here are the step by step guide on how to connect or pair your Skyworth Android remote to Skyworth 70SUD6600 smart Android LED TV. Remember that there is two scenario connecting remote, one is when you setup the TV first time and the other one is when you are currently using it. To put the TV and remote into pairing mode please do the following;

  • On your remote, press "HOME".
  • Using navigation keys, locate "Settings" and press "OK".
  • Inside the settings menu locate "Add accessory" and press "OK".

  • To activate the pairing mode press "HOME button and arrow left button". Please refer to the figure above.

  • And finally on your TV Screen "TV BLE Remote 30:AE:78:1A;CD:02" pop out, select it and press "OK" to initiate paring. Please refer to the image above.

Skyworth 70 inch 70SUD6600 4K UHD LED TV Specs:

Model: 70SUD6600
Operating System & Version: Android 10.0
CPU: Quad Core
GPU: Mali-G52
Internal Memory: 8GB
Voice Search: Yes
Google Assistant: Yes

Special Designs

Finish: Glossy
Color: Black
Stand Base: Metal
Bezel Type: Narrow bezel
Manual Button: Yes
Main Power Switch: Yes

Display Features

Display Resolution: UHD 3840 x 2160
Viewing Angle: 176 Degree
Backlight Type: Direct Led
Panel Type: Vertical Alignment
Screen Size - Diagonal: 70"
Video Processing Engine: Chameleon Extreme 
Brilliantly Clear Enhancer: Yes
Refresh frequency: 50/60Hz
HDR10: Yes
HDR10+: Yes
DNR: Yes

Sound and Audio Features

Speaker Type: Down Firing
Surround: Yes
Equalizer: Yes
DTS Studio Sound: Yes
Dolby Digital (Decoder): Yes
Dolby Digital plus (Decoder): Yes
Equalizer: Yes
Audio Power Output (L+R) (rms): 12w + 12w
AVL: Yes

Connectivity and Receivers

Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4G 2T2R
MHL: -
USB Media File Playback: Photo, Video, Music, Text
Open Browser: Yes
ATV Receiving Systems: PAL M/N, NTSC
DTV Receiving Systems: Digital (ISDB-T)
Bluetooth: 5.0 (Input & Output)
Time Shift: Yes

All Available Ports

USB Ports: 2 (2.0)
HDMI Ports: 3 (2.0)
Ethernet: 1
PC in: -
PC Audio In: -
RF In: Cable & Air
AV In: 1 (3.5mm)
Y Pb Pr In (Component Input): -
SD Card Slot: -
Analog Output: -
Digital Output: 1 (Optical)

Working Voltage: 100-240v/ 50-60Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 220W
Distance between hanger holes (length * height): 400*200 (mm)

w/o Box and Stand (WxDxH): 156.8*8.2*91.9 (cm)
w/ Box and stand ( WxDxH): 172*25*110 (cm)
Net Weight: with Box 31.2 Kg

So, what else I missed that you want to learn on this review. To make a better review in the future, I need your help, please used the comment section below for your inputs and suggestions. Thank you in advanced.

This Skyworth 70SUD6600 4K Android 10 LED TV in my opinion is good for entry level big size screen. Enough to impress your neighbor and some friends.

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