TCL 55C725 4K QLED Google TV Review

The TCL 55C725 4K Google QLED TV is powered by 1.3GHz A55 quadcore processor and DVALIN 600m GPU and running on Google TV OS. Featuring Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10+ ONKYO Sound System and a hands free voice control 2.0 that adds a futuristic vibes in your home.

What is QLED or Quantum LED TV?

QLED TV is a type of liquid crystal display or LCD that is featuring an advanced color known as quantum dots. QLED TV doesn't produce it's own light which is it still relies on an LED backlight to emit light or illuminate their screens. Usually the features like Dolby Vision and HDR10+ is making the difference. So what is the difference between a LED and QLED TV?


Comparing a just called LED TV to a QLED TV, in an actual comparison of TFT's or screen, I found out tha a QLED TV and LED TV is the same, both are relying on LED backlight, the size of pixels on the screen as well as the quality of picture is perfectly the same. Therefore, QLED is just another marketing pitch or jargon to make simple things little bit complicated and sophisticated which convert a sale. 

TCL 55C725 4K QLED Google TV Review

The TCL 55C725 4K QLED TV operating system is based on Android 11 update introduced by Google which is known as Google TV. Compare to Android 11, the Google TV is exclusively designed for TV's. 

Google TV is divided to a three different version which includes, Full, Lite and Basic. Unfortunately, TCL 55C725 4K QLED TV Google TV is running on Basic Google TV System.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is the latest Google system is an update based on Android 11 introduced by Google. Compared to Android, the Google system is designed exclusively for TV users. Google TV is;

More convenient home page:
Delete App icons, Add the top guide bar. Can open Apps on the home page.

Easier interactive menu: 
Integrate TV and System setting into one page.

More intelligent user experience: 
Intelligent content push, seamless viewing across devices, child mode.

Massive Resources
Google is the world‘s largest network platform, with 8,000 +apps serving more than 190 countries and supporting 1 billion+ ecological devices. Cloud games, Google Wallpapers, video calling, multiple login accounts, kids zone, and a variety of popular apps, if only you want to download, then you can enjoy.

Professional System
  • UI layout
  • Dual-screen Preview
UI layout
  • Content organized in topical clusters
  • Increase the top tab navigation bar, cancel the application icon on the left.
  • And the background is more immersion.

Dual-screen Preview
  • Presentation is more intuitive
  • The single-screen display of the setting interface has been upgraded to dual-screen preview, which is more intuitive and more convenient to operate.

What is the Difference Between Google TV and Android TV?

When it comes to user interface (UI) layout Google TV top navigation bar content is organized in topical cluster. While the Android TV left apps icon content is hidden within the apps.

Google TV allows a dual-screen preview, makes presentation is more intuitive. While Android TV is limited only to single screen display.

For library, Google TV mobile access to content which allow user to add to watch-list from Google TV UI or from browser via search. A feature that seamless viewing is allows across all your devices. This is not available on Android TV.

Google TV has a feature called "Kids Profile" which separate kids mode, helping you guide kids to age-appropriate content. And the "Ambient Mode" which allow user to select their favorite Google Photo to enjoy when TV is idle. Those feature the Kids Profile and Ambient Mode is not available to Android TV. 

TCL 55C725 4K QLED Google TV Specs and Special Features

Width: 122.7cm
Gross Weight: 17.2 Kg
Net Weight: 13.2 Kg
Connectivity: LAN, Antenna / Cable IN, Optical / Digital Audio Out, AV in Adapter, Headphone Jack
USB Ports: 1 USB 3.0 | 1 USB 2.0 (2 USB Ports)
Wattage: 155 Watts
Height: 70.32 cm
Length: 7.93 cm
Screen Size: 55-inch
TV Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
HDMI Ports: 1 HDMI 1.4 and 2 HDMI 2.1 (3 HDMI Ports)
Voltage: 100V ~ 240V
Warranty: 2 Years

With the above specs you will truly enjoy stunning images and dynamic sounds with the TCL QLED 55C725 Android TV featuring the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos that produces a cinematic experience like no other. See more about TCL Google TV!

Live in 4K.

The TCL QLED 55C725 Android TV presents you with what the 4K QLED can give. It has ultra-high-definition content with a leading 100%+ color volume and beautiful brightness. To give you a vibrant and high-dynamic range of colors and contrast you and your family can enjoy.

Dynamic Watch.

Bring the cinematic viewing experience to your home as the TCL QLED 55C725 Android TV features Dolby Vision Technology. It enhances the content and displays a great number of colors, and increases contrast, giving a boosted image that flashes on the screen.

Dynamic Sound.

Hear every drop and sound as the Dolby Atmos adds channels to surround sounds to produce that multi-dimensional audio effect that will surely give greater clarity and emotion to every scene.

Brightening and Lighting Up.

See every action even at night and in dark scenes as the HDR 10 does the tuning up for you. This feature optimizes images frame by frame, boosting the color saturation and adjusting the contrast so you can certainly watch without inconvenience.

Fast and Clear

See clearly when the scene intensifies as the MEMC processes a silky smooth picture at 60Hz to display high-resolution frames—upgrading the content especially in fast-moving and action-packed scenes.

Go Hands-Free

Powered by Google Assistant and Google Voice Search, the Hands-Free Voice Control 2.0 adds a futuristic element in this Android TV as it allows you to switch channels, set reminders, and explore streaming services just by saying "Hey Google".

TCL 55C725 4K QLED Google TV Common Defect

Electronics gadget is unpredictable when it comes to defects, when the defect will discover and how bad the defect will be. So for you to get ready, here are the common defect I encountered on QLED TV's.
TCL 55C725 4K QLED Google TV Common Defect

Panel Related Defect

  • Line on Screen
  • Flicker
  • Bar Lines
  • No Display with Sound
  • No Display
  • Backlight Problem
  • Black Spot
  • Dark Spot
  • Dead Pixel
  • Colored Pixel
  • Black Pixel

Main Board Related Defect

  • Hang on Logo
  • Auto On
  • Auto Off
  • Apps Problem
  • Can't Connect to Internet
  • Can't Detect Wi-Fi or Access Point
  • No Sound
  • Menu Displays
  • Red only or Standby Only
  • Netflix Problem
  • YouTube Problem

Power Supply Related Defect

  • No Power
  • No Backlight

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