Low Cost Web Design Philippines

Most of us have changed how we work, buy and interact as pandemic have led us more to online existence, both personally and professionally. With this, having a simple website for your small business is indeed a necessity. But at times most start-ups and small business hesitate no more to invest in a website.

Tech N Tech, offers a simple, a cheapest and SEO friendly website for start-ups and small business. As you dive in a decision of having a website for your small business and start-ups, it is important for you to know what comes in with a simple website, so you have an idea what your a going to pay for.

Simple Website Type

Our simple website is more on business information and your service offers. It is more to a portfolio or a corporate website, best example of "Simple Website Type" is www.techntech.info and www.skyworthphilippines.com. Both are made simple, low cost and SEO friendly website.

Our target partner are those small business owners like service centers, resort owner, etc., who is left behind by large corporations. Those who has a very limited visibility online which cant afford to outsource web designers that charge higher cost. 

How much a Simple Website Philippines

A simple website we offer will start at ₱10,000 plus a ₱500 monthly recurring payments for website maintenance which includes sitemap submission and indexed request to Google. It is a desktop and a mobile friendly template for SEO.

Simple website is hosted with Google storage and uses Blogger CMS (Content Management System) and consist of 3 pages which includes; Home Page, Services, and Contact Us. 

The logo that represents business will be provided by the client. Also, the information on Home Page, Services, Contact Us will be provided by the client.

Summary of Simple Website

₱ 10,000
  • Google Hosting
  • Blogger CMS
  • .com Domain Name
  • SSL by Google

₱ 500
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee
₱  10,500 - First Month

Simple Website Building Turn Around Time

Building time of the simple website would normally take around 1 to 2 weeks from the date of payment. Usually turn around is also depending on how much content is needed. 

Number of Website Pages

The simple website we offer which has a maximum of 3 pages, and it adds to the cost if you add another page. The cost per add page is amounting ₱1,000. Always remember that each page and content is contains valuable parts of your website. Think it as your digital or virtual real estate which appreciate it's value overtime.

What is Domain Name

The domain name is usually your business name which will become your unique website address the best example of domain name is "techntech.info" or "skyworthphilippines.com". It is work the same way as your business or shop address wherein customer will directs to specific locations.

Domain Name Registration Fee and Renewal Fee Philippines

Domain Name Registration Fee and Renewal Fee ₱ 900 –  ₱ 2,500 /year

The domain name registration fee and renewal fee in the Philippines are both paid one time on a yearly basis. And normally the domain name extension available here in the country are the following;
  • .com
  • .ph
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .online
  • .com.ph
  • .net.ph
  • .org.ph

Website Hosting

Normally, a website need a hosting which is work hand in hand with the domain name. But our simple website uses a free hosting courtesy by Google. Unlike a paid hosting, Google offer an unlimited bandwidth, so why we pay if we get it free! Tech N Tech, is running on top of Blogger CMS hosted freely by Google.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Fee ₱ 500 Monthly

Website doesn't stop when it is up and running, maintenance is necessary as well. This should be done as a routine to keep the website visible on search engine. Tech N Tech, offer the cheapest website maintenance for as low as ₱500 monthly recurring payments.

What is the Advantage of Having Business Website

A younger generations here in the Philippines is relying more on Google to find the solution to their problem and a service they need. And having a business website will give you an advantage to get notice by providing visibility online. Having a business website will also help your business to established trust and brand recognition to your customers.

So if your ready of having simple website for your start-up and small business, please reach us using the following contact details;

Contact Person: Jesson Balaoing
Contact Number: 0967-277-0301
E-mail: name.jesson@gmail.com
Payment Mode: G-Cash